Boys’ trousers

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Jogging pants Conner tape Jr
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Jogging pants Conner tape Jr
Discounted from € 34,99 to € 10,00

Trousers for boys

No matter what type of trousers you're looking for, you'll find a pair for your son at America Today. Kids love playing outside and that’s why it's important that they have trousers they feel good in. Trousers that are comfy and look good too! Whether it’s a pair of jogging pants or cargos, they’ll be sure to steal the show. Discover our boys’ collection of trousers and shorts in different fits.

Styling trousers

There are endless styling options with trousers. A pair of jogging pants for sports and gym class, or for kicking back on the sofa. Smart trousers or a cool pair of cargos for a party. Whatever their style, we've got the trousers you’re looking for. We've literally got something for every occasion! Wear them with a T-shirt, sweater or a hoodie and they’ll be ready to rock! Whatever look you're going for, you’ll find your new favorite pair of trousers at America Today.

Boys’ jogging pants

After a long day at school and playing outside, it's time to chill out! What better way to do so than in a comfy pair of jogging pants, right? Combine a pair of jogging pants and a hoodie or sweater for the ultimate chilled out feeling. At America Today, you'll find jogging pants in a variety of fits and colors

Boys’ shorts

When the temperatures start to soar, we want nothing more than to wear airy clothing. What you then need is a pair of shorts. From sweat shorts to denim shorts, we've got the perfect shorts for every occasion.

Order conveniently online

Order trousers, jogging pants, shorts, and much more, online at your own convenience. If in doubt, check our size table. Order today and receive your order in a jiffy. Wrong size? The good news is that you have plenty of time to exchange them for the right size. Alternatively, you can always drop by our stores to try on a pair of our trousers or shorts.