Inspired by the American Lifestyle

Inspired by the American Lifestyle

America Today fits just like your favorite pair of jeans. Our heritage in American lifestyle is found in every fiber of our brand. We are inclusive and welcome all, the bigger the crowd the better. It's our mission to be relevant, fun and always put a smile on your face. Oh, and did you know we take our responsibility towards the planet seriously by creating sustainable fashion that lasts a lifetime? There is no planet B!

This is us

What’s in the name, right? We are America Today, inspired by the American lifestyle. From vintage baseball jackets to comfy loungewear, everything we do breathes America. But do you really want to know who we are? Alright, listen up!

America Today = fun

America Today = fun Yep, that’s us. Because let’s be honest, fashion is fun! Mix and match and mix again. At America Today it’s positive vibes only and we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously. Are you in?

America Today = authentic

Just like you, we choose our own path. We don’t follow, we lead. And at the end of the day we always stay true to ourselves. That’s hard sometimes, but so damn worth it!

America Today = responsible

It’s time to face the facts. Because climate change is real and there is no planet B. Our goal? Make our fashion as sustainable as possible by choosing durable materials and creating long-lasting fashion items.

America Today = you

Uhm, a bit weird to say. We know. But hey, it’s true. At America Today we don’t care who or what you are because all that matters is your awesomeness! Are you ready to team up and spread the love?

The collection

This one’s easy. Because, we’re inspired by the American lifestyle. How could we not? From the sports arena to the campus or the streets, we always know where to look. Vintage finds such as denim, chinos, sweats and tees in a modern feel are therefore key items in our collection. Iconic brands like Converse and New Era can be described as our significant others.

We make today’s fashion our own. Instead of following trends, we make them. This is how we create items for today that last forever. And since forever starts today, we give the world a helping hand and thrive to be as sustainable as possible.

This unique formula is what makes us America Today.