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Straight fit jeans

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Straight fit jeans met knoopsluiting

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Jeans Dexter

Straight fit jeans with button closure

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Different types of men's jeans

Looking for the perfect pair of jeans for men? Here they are! After all, America Today and jeans are synonymous with one another. Slim fit jeans always work, but straight fit jeans, skinny jeans and jeans made from jog denim are also gaining in popularity. In addition to the different fits, we also have jeans in different colors. Check out our collection of men's jeans now to see if your perfect fit is among them.

Conveniently shop for your jeans online

Our jeans are easy to order online. Prefer to try them on? Pop into one of our stores. Already know what jeans suit you? We have a variety of styles. If you like tapered fit jeans, then our Danny jeans will be a good fit for you. Prefer straight fit jeans? Then check out our Dallas, Dexter or Dean jeans. Prefer a slimmer design? Then the Neil slim fit or Ryan skinny jeans will be the perfect fit for you.

You can learn to style!

There are no boundaries when it comes to styling jeans. At America Today, we understand all too well that you don't want to go for the same look every day. We have a few suggestions. Wear straight fit jeans with a pullover, sneakers, fun belt and varsity jacket to style your look for the day. For an extra touch of detail, turn up the trouser legs. You can create a laid back vibe by wearing black skinny jeans with a white shirt, cardigan and high Converse sneakers. You read it right, there's plenty of choice.

How do I wash my jeans?

Basically, the less you wash your jeans, the longer they’ll stay looking good. So don't wash your jeans after wearing them just once if you want to enjoy your new jeans for a long time. After four or five wears, your jeans will fit you best. Be sure not to wash your jeans at too high a temperature and let them air dry.

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