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Blouse collar Illana

Blouse with short sleeves and a tie detail

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Blouses for women

The big trend at the moment? The logger’s blouse! This edgy checkered blouse looks fantastic with a pair of skinny jeans or biker shorts.Prefer something a little less tomboy-ish for a big important meeting? No worries, America Today has blouses for every occasion. The great thing about working from home is that you only need a nice top. Feels great over a pair of jogging pants. After all, nobody can see anyway! A blouse with a bow is totally the way to go! A pair of earrings and some mascara and you’ll jump out of everybody’s screen. If you’re looking for an elegant blouse, we’ve got more than enough to choose from at America Today. Planning a party or a dinner? Go for a blouse with a bit of extra glamour or a buttoned-up blouse. Styled with jeans or a pair of chinos, you’ll find the ideal balance between casual and posh!

Wear your white blouse oversized!

How often do you see a white blouse when you scroll back through your Instagram timeline? This item can be styled in countless ways and gives you a refreshing look. Loads of influencers start their look with a white blouse worn under a spencer or a jacket, or even casually with a pair of boots and some jewelry. Be inspired and find your own way to wear it.

Complete your logger’s look with a checkered blouse

A logger’s blouse has an edgy vibe and is totally on-trend. Wear this item oversized with a white top and jeans for an edgy look or over a dress for that girly touch. The great thing about a checkered blouse is that it works with so many different looks and reappears every year in one way or another. What’s your favorite color?

Women’s denim blouse

Denim on denim: edgy and hip. Wear your denim blouse with a belt on top of a pair of the same color jeans to create a fantastic daily look. Denim blouses come in different colors ranging from grey to blue, which look great either open or closed, with a pair of jeans or even a skirt.

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