Vintage clothing at America Today

If we're talking about the hottest fashion trends right now, we got to include vintage clothing, right? The unique and classic items of the 90s and 00s are fully back and hot again! But, did you know that America Today sells vintage clothing as well? Read to learn all about our story and why we sell vintage clothing!

Why do we sell vintage clothing?

To answer this question, we got to take you on a trip down memory lane. Back in 1989, 3 friends decided to take America’s hottest brands and lifestyle all the way back to Amsterdam. From varsity jackets to oversized denim and hoodies, we always kept up with all the American trends (and even made them). When time passed, we started to focus more on our very own label that is of course inspired by the American lifestyle. Next to our own label and selected brands, we started selling vintage clothing in 2017 in our store at the Sarphatistraat. Vintage clothing fits perfectly in our brand identity and brings us back to our heritage and where it all started!


Why should you buy vintage?

This one is easy in our opinion! Doesn’t everybody want to have that special one-of-a-kind item? Next to being special, vintage clothing also has a positive effect on the environment. How? By buying vintage, you’re giving clothing a second, third, or even a fourth life which has a positive impact on waste and overconsumption. So besides being stylish you also contribute to a better tomorrow, nice right? So, let's kick it back old-school in your Levi’s 501 and blast some old disco and HipHop classics through your speakers and release your inner 90s persona!

Where can you buy vintage clothing at America Today?

We spiked your curiosity about our vintage clothing, didn’t we? So, the big question is where can you buy vintage clothing at America Today? Currently we sell Vintage in the following stores:

  • Den Bosch (Hinthamerstraat)
  • Utrecht (Voorstraat)
  • Alkmaar (Langestraat)
  • Gent (Sint Pietersnieuwstraat)
  • Antwerpen (Kipdorpvest)
  • Amsterdam (Sarphatistraat)
  • Groningen (Stoeldraaierstraat)
  • Rotterdam (Oude binnenweg)
  • Breda (Ginnekenstraat)
  • Want to stay updated? Make sure to check out our storelocator from time to time because we may pop up at a store nearby you real soon!