For tomorrow


America Today is always on the move. Because let's face it: sustainability is important. That's why we make sure our more sustainable collection keeps growing and our impact on the environment is reduced. This is FOR TOMORROW. Are we there yet? Hell no! But we got off to a flying start. Buy Today, Care For Tomorrow .

The FOR TOMORROW label indicates that an item has been produced more sustainably, is made from more sustainable materials or the materials have been sustainably sourced. The aim is to have a lower impact on the environment. For example, using less energy, water and/or chemicals. Last year, 56% of the materials we used for our collections were more sustainable. More than half, but we want to do better. A lot better. That’s why we set ourselves strict goals every year which we’ve always achieved so far. There simply is no planet B.

*Better Cotton or organic sources. ‘Learn more at’

Talk the talk, walk the walk.

But, how sustainable are we really? We tell you all about our actions at our CSR page.