Morgan & Sebastian

De komende tijd volgen we Morgan & Sebastian in hun roadtrip door Europa. Geboren in de ruige jungle en wild life van Zuid-Afrika, delen ze vanaf nu hun avonturen in Europa met ons. Volg de America Today bloggers/modellen/surfers via Instagram met #euroadventure en via onze blog.

Let’s introduce Morgan!

Let’s introduce Sebastian!

"My name is Morgan,  I'm from the jungle, the jungle of South Africa ;).


Back home I consider myself a sucker for opportunities. If an opportunity presents itself in the form of an adventure barring the thrill of whatever is new to me, I'm in. With 2500km of wild coastline and awe inspiring mountain rages, it only makes sense to embrace such a lifestyle.


With all that in mind I now find myself In Europe, along with a good friend who shares a similar perspective. "What to do, what to do...?" The answer to that question comes in the form of one hell of a roadtrip to the many beautiful surf spots and cities this rich continent has to offer.


In the meantime, I'm in Germany living the life of a model from the jungle, waiting, and creating the perfect platform to leap from and cease this once in a life time opportunity."

"My name is Sebastian- a South African with Dutch roots. I've been lucky enough to grow up in the Cape, surrounded by mountains, unspoiled beaches and wild nature.


What gets me going is adventure, contrasts, and a fair dose of adrenaline. I try and spend as much time in the water as possible. Whether that is surfing, swimming, fishing or simply a dive in the cold Atlantic. When not in the ocean I'm running mountain trails, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or simply having a couple of beers with friends.


At the moment I'm embarking on a rather exciting journey. My good friend Morgan and I are off on a Euro adventure. We are escaping African winter to chase the sun. Trading the Cape peninsula for the unknown that Europe has to offer.''

''The trip started in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we explored the canals, pissed off locals with our bicycle etiquette and I even managed to get a surf in at Wijk aan Zee! Having worked with America Today previously we were lucky enough to link up with the team in their mother city to shoot a look book. First Euros gathered for our adventure!


From Amsterdam we travel up and forth to Hamburg. We are earning some Euros by playing human mannequin. When not flashing smiles and flexing away, we are swinging from trees, bicycle surfing or crossing the Alster river on an air mattress.


Follow our trip and we will keep you posted on our hurdles, breakdowns, successes and the general mayhem we cause. The current plan is counter-clockwise around the continent....but who knows.... "

Volg @seb.simons & @morgangoodall met #euroadventure en mis niets van deze coole dudes!