Care today, buy for tomorrow

We aim to work responsibly and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. We aim to be able to offer you a collection produced with respect for people and the environment. That is why we work hard at improving the sustainability of our products.

To help you, our customers, make well thought out decisions, we aim to be transparent about what we do to be sustainable. It is with great pride that we share with you our latest sustainability report for 2020. Here, you can also find our 2018 and 2019 reports.

Our sustainability strategy is based on four pillars: transparency and responsibility in the supply chain, respecting human rights, healthy and safe industrial communities, and healthy environment.

We are very proud of our membership in the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile since 2016. Together with other clothing brands, the government, NGOs, branch organizations and labor unions, we work on improving sustainability within the international clothing and textile industry.