About America Today

America Today – The brand inspired by the American College Lifestyle

Since 1989, America Today is the place to be for American brands. Eastpak, Levi Strauss, Wrangler and Russell, all brands that we as first ones were selling in the Netherlands. With the introduction of our own label, we have added a premier: a Dutch-born brand inspired by the American College Lifestyle. Our formula is unstoppable and currently has established over 70 stores and active web shops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Our mission & vision

We believe that with the right dose of confidence, everybody can achieve their ambitions. A good basis is essential, though. There’s a lot you need to take into your own hands but (thankfully) you can go to America Today for a good look. With our relaxed and on-trend items, you have the tools at hand to create a casual fashion basis. A foundation for a lifestyle whereby quality and fun join forces. Sounds good, right?

Our brand values

This is who we are. Our core, the building blocks of our identity. View it as a family, and like any family our values determine where we stand for and how we do things.

  • We value Independence
  • We are different and we’re proud of that. Where others follow, we choose our own path. This while we are always connected with others.

  • We value being down to earth
  • Why would you not be yourself? We believe in no-nonsense and are always authentic, relaxed and real.

  • We value Fun
  • Life is short, so enjoy it. We do too. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and always focus on the positive things in life.

Our focus group

Everyone is welcome, that means you too! We are proud to be able to call ourselves “inclusive”. Our lifestyle never excludes anyone and has no rules. That in mind, most of our “fans” are young adults; which makes sense with American College Lifestyle as inspiration. Kids are also welcome at America Today: our Junior collection is perfect for cool boys and girls.

The collection

The America Today Collection is inspired by the American College Lifestyle. And of course, at an all-American college, there are classics like jeans, T-shirts, sweats, joggings pants and hoodies. Casual and on-trend, all our basics are relaxed and timeless, ready for any day of the week. Day or night, work or school, couch or bar: our classics can handle it all. You too?

Research is key for all our collections. The influences from American sports and college wear didn’t come out of thin air. A lot of our ideas came from searching the American campuses for the coolest looks, as worn by the American youth. Then our stylists get to work and translate those looks into a wide collection of relaxed classics with original logo’s, prints and texts. The result is a unique mix of American trends that have been specially selected for you and developed into what America Today stands for today.